• Doulas work in hospitals too!
    People sometimes assume that doulas only support home births, which simply is not true. The majority of the births I support are in hospitals. Here are some things to think about if you would like the support of a doula during your hospital birth. When old friends and new acquaintances find out that I amContinue reading “Doulas work in hospitals too!”
  • Being a back-up doula
    I cannot do this work without the help of other birth workers, and why would I want to? Fostering strong relationships with other doulas gives rise to peers I turn to with questions and a gang of names to pull from if ever I need someone to back me up… which is always! Each contractContinue reading “Being a back-up doula”
  • Overnight Support
    Ten things I learned in my first six months of providing overnight support June 12, 2022 The needs and preferences of families vary from house to house, and may change from the time you interview to be a postpartum doula to the time the baby arrives and you actually start. Here are a few thingsContinue reading “Overnight Support”
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