When thinking about this work, and who inspires me to do it the most, I think first of our great, great Aunty Ruby.

She was the great caretaker of our family, looking after countless cousins over many generations, until she passed-on at the age of 96.

I carry her nurturing spirit with me daily.

Grama and Grandpa’s backyard circa 1970!

Being the third born of 18 greats and grands, I have spent all my life surrounded by littles. My “why” or inspiration for birth work and community care is invariably rooted in the care of my family.

Even when working outside of our homes, the bonds built create a world that is familiar with, accepts, protects and loves us!

In addition to being a birthworker, I am also a cultural organizer with We Love Leimert, a writer, and a citizen scientist foraging for and growing culinary mushrooms and other edibles from home. I fill my cup by exploring local mountain ranges and the ocean coasts of the south bay.