This care is medicine that I first accept for myself, and then offer to you.

Doula Services

Birth Preparation – Virtual consultation and three in-home sessions lasting two hours to map out your birth preferences, practice comfort-in-labor techniques, and learn about chest feeding positions. Option to add Birth Attendance Package if desired.

Partner Prep – Wondering how to sit this ceremony with your pregnant partner? Schedule a two-hour meeting to talk about and practice what you can do to help your partner while they are giving birth.

Birth Attendance – Birth Preparation Package + On call from weeks 38-42. Attendance at hospital, birthing center or in-home (under the care of a Midwife) for birth. One postpartum visit.

Postpartum – In-home visit to assist with child care while you rest, run errands, or complete work. Light house keeping and cooking optional.

Overnight – Eight hours of overnight care so that you can get a good night’s rest.

Placenta Encapsulation – The organ that served to nourish your baby in your belly has some significant benefits when it comes to balancing your mood as your body returns to its pre-gestating state. Traditionally this is not an indigenous West African practice. We bury the placenta.

Take some time to research the history, pros and cons of ingestion for yourself. Schedule this service if it resonates with you. Part of the proceeds will go to the Gardena Buddhist Temple in my neighborhood.

Lactation Education – Chest feeding is a great way to bond with your baby while ensuring that they are nourished, ingest antibodies for common infections, and get a chance to regulate their heartrate and body temperature by being close to you. Schedule a consultation if you would like support chest feeding your baby.

Reiki Sessions

Table – Virtual consultation and 60-minute reiki session

Float – Virtual consultation and 90-minute reiki session

Ceremonial Tea Boxes – An extension of the care I offer to doula and reiki clients, ceremonial tea boxes are loose tea blends accompanied by a tea ball, and in-depth information on the origins, benefits and contraindications of the plant medicine.