Why wait?

Start preparing for your best birth now.

July 31st @2pm

I have been meeting so many people who are not ready to start a family, but are sure that, when they are, they want to have the support of birth workers (a doula, midwife or both).

There are so many things that one can do to start preparing for this ceremony well before conception. On Sunday July 31st, join us as we review birth preferences, discuss nutrition, and give space to release big emotions connected to child birth.

Birth Worker’s Circle

(Date and time TBD)

To provide a complimentary balance to the sometimes heavy programming in birth work, I invite you to come out and simply existing together in a natural, relaxed, gathering at Rowley Park.

This day is for aspiring and current birth workers, their families, friends and clients past and present. Please pack a lunch, and bring all that you will need to make use of the facilities which are: a public bathroom, outdoor seating and a grill, a skate park and plaza, tennis and basketball courts, a playground and plenty of green grass upon which to run and play.